Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg
(Hydrocodone Bitartrate & Acetaminophen)

Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg
(Hydrocodone Bitartrate & Acetaminophen)


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Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg combines Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen for effective pain relief. Available at Care Pharma Store for reliable medication sourcing.

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Buy Vicodin ES online (Hydrocodone Bitartrate & Acetaminophen)

At Care Pharma Store, You can buy Vicodin ES online.

At  Care Pharma Store, you can buy Vicodin ES online (Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen) 7.5/750mg. Vicodin is the brand name of medicine with salt named Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen, which is used to treat Moderate to Severe Pain.

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If you’re seeking relief from moderate to severe pain, Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg (Hydrocodone Bitartrate & Acetaminophen) could be your solution. At Care Pharma Store, we offer this medication, known for its effectiveness in managing pain. Understanding its benefits, side effects, dosage, precautions, and proper storage can help you make an informed decision about buying Vicodin ES online.

Benefits of Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg

  1. Pain Relief: Vicodin ES combines hydrocodone and acetaminophen to alleviate moderate to severe pain, providing effective relief for various conditions.

  2. Fast-Acting: The combination of ingredients ensures rapid onset, making it suitable for managing acute pain episodes.

  3. Improved Quality of Life: By alleviating pain, Vicodin ES can enhance daily functioning and promote a better quality of life for individuals dealing with chronic pain.

Side Effects of Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg

  1. Nausea and Vomiting: Some individuals may experience nausea or vomiting, particularly when first starting the medication.

  2. Drowsiness: Vicodin ES can cause drowsiness or dizziness, affecting alertness and coordination. It’s essential to avoid activities requiring mental focus or physical coordination until you understand how the medication affects you.

  3. Constipation: Opioids like hydrocodone commonly cause constipation, which may necessitate the use of stool softeners or laxatives.

Dosage and Milligrams Precautions

  1. Dosage: The typical dosage of Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg is one tablet every four to six hours as needed for pain relief. However, dosage may vary based on individual factors such as pain severity and tolerance.

  2. Milligrams Precautions: It’s crucial to adhere strictly to the prescribed dosage to avoid overdose or dependence. Never exceed the recommended dose without consulting a healthcare professional.

It is also available in three different compound strengths:

  • Vicodin® 5/500mg (Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5Mg / Acetaminophen 500Mg)
  • Vicodin® 5/300mg (Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5Mg / Acetaminophen 300Mg)
  • Vicodin-HP® (Hydrocodone Bitartrate 10Mg / Acetaminophen 325Mg)

Storage Guidelines

  1. Secure Location: Store Vicodin ES in a secure location, out of reach of children and pets, to prevent accidental ingestion.

  2. Room Temperature: Keep the medication at room temperature, away from moisture and heat, to maintain its potency and effectiveness.

  3. Original Packaging: Store Vicodin ES in its original packaging to ensure proper identification and expiration date monitoring.


Vicodin ES 7.5/750mg offers effective relief for moderate to severe pain, making it a valuable option for individuals in need of pain management. Understanding its benefits, side effects, dosage, precautions, and storage guidelines is essential for safe and effective use. At Care Pharma Store, you can purchase Vicodin ES online with confidence, knowing you’re getting a quality product to help manage your pain effectively. Remember to follow your healthcare provider’s guidance and use the medication responsibly to optimize its benefits while minimizing the risk of adverse effects.

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